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Penny Loafers History

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Celebrating 20 Years of Loafing

It all started in the spring of 1986. A group of Penn students decided to take to the streets of Philadelphia and sing a cappella.

The Loafers have gone through a lot of changes over the years, and have meant a lot to many different people.

So, we're planning a 20th Anniversary celebration and hope all Loafer alumni are able to attend.

Call for Memories and Memorabilia

Do you have a shoebox full of memories from your mispent youth singing a capella when you should have been studying econ or organic chemistry?

We're in the process of collecting scanned images of Penny Loafer posters, programs, photos, ticket stubs - just about anything that helps reveal the rich pageant of Penny Loafer history.

If you have any such materials please contact James Dempsey on the alumni mailing list, we'd love to get it scanned and put up on this site.

Links and Stuff

Official Loafer Site

The Penny Loafers home page.

Alumni Mailing List

Reconnect with long lost Loafer friends on the Loafer Alumni Mailing List. Just send an email to the list requesting to be added.

Feel free to include when you were in the Loafers and what you've been up to since.